Hello, I’m Craig Pennings, the founder of Argyle Socks LLC. I will manage your orders, socks, and shipments. That’s correct, this store is just me and my passion for socks! I get an incredible amount of joy when people order from me, whether it be for a wedding, or just a new sock drawer refresh. I will literally run down to my basement to fulfill your order as fast as possible when it comes through (my wife can verify this). 

My favorite part about this business is definitely the wedding orders. Knowing I’m helping be a part of someone’s big wedding day is very rewarding. I absolutely love getting groomsmen wedding sock orders. If you have any questions or need help finding anything I don’t currently have in stock, please email me at sales@argylesocks.co. I should be able to respond quickly to most inquiries. If you’d like to get a hold of me on my cell phone you can reach me at 269.615.0097 (please specify that you are calling in regards to the sock website since I often receive client calls as a freelance WordPress developer/internet marketer).

Even though I receive and fulfill a lot of orders each month, I don’t currently pay myself anything out of the profits from this company. By purchasing from my website, you allow me to grow my sock inventory and expand my colors and styles. You also can help me in supporting my endeavors such as raising money for cancer research.

Thanks again for visiting!